Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Appendix: Ceremonial Texts

Part Three: Ceremonial Texts for the Rites and Rituals of the Order

70. Invocation Text Addressed to Ordained Devotees

On in the Won Era, all adherents, with purified mind and body, confess humbly before all the honorable spirits of ordained devotees of each grade. Generally, if it were not for a sage, sentient beings could not be delivered, and without true colleagues a sage could not build the Order. True colleagues are at the very center of the Order and the gate for salvation. Thus regardless at any age, whenever a holy Order opened and excellent dharmas were transmitted, persons giving assistance and whole-hearted supporters appeared to follow the sage and, through successive rebirths, they connected their minds to him and united their energy with him, and delivered sentient beings from evil destinies widely and cured the ill world. All of you upheld the dharmas of the Founding Master in this world as affinities of the past Order, and became ordained to devote yourself only to this work for the great Way on your own, following the affinities and responding to the opportunities respectively for some cases in the age of foundation and for some cases in the age of guarding the accomplishments. You did not neglect individual honor and disgrace, and the ups and downs of your private home. As you donated your mind to the Order and offered your body to the public with pure dedication, you have endured and transcended them even in undergoing a thousand hardships and a myriad of sufferings when encountering adverse sensory conditions and difficult situations. In some cases in the east, in some cases in the west, in some cases in cold weather and in some cases in hot weather, burning up the spirit and sweating, you considered this work as your duty and happiness, and practiced the great cause of selfless service to the public to the very end. If not for your actions as an ordained devotee, how could we build this Order, and, even though it was built, how could we make continuous development over time? All of your dedication deserves the heaven and earth being moved and the brilliant merits shining like the sun and the moon far into the future. Fortunately, we participated in this sacred Order to bask in the grace you bestowed. Making an oath to carry on this holy work far into the future, we offer a dedication of gratitude. Oh, honored spirits of ordained devotees of each grade. Watch over us.