Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 2. Formalities concerning Family Affairs

Chapter 8. Ancestral Rite

Section 1. About the Ancestral Rite

The ancestral rite (chesa) is performed in dedication to the memory of the deceased. The ceremony holds two meanings. One is, making aspirations with a pure mind to the Buddha to extinguish the karmic obstacles of the deceased’s previous lives, strengthen the affinity with the Buddhist path, increase the future bliss of the departed spirit and contribute to social progress through monetary offerings that shall be used in public service projects. The other is to commemorate the deceased’s life achievements and virtues and to encourage generation after generation to seek the origin and to encourage posterity to follow the idea of requital of grace. The two are both important and, without one or the other, the ceremony cannot be complete. Therefore, those who carry out the service shall, as a matter of course, do their utmost to keep these two aspects in mind.