Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part3. Rites and Rituals of the Order

Chapter 10. Celebration

Section 3. Day of Great Enlightenment and Founding

1. The Day of Great Enlightenment and Founding, the twenty‐eighth of April, is the holiday for commemorating the birth of Great Master Sotaesan as well as the day of his Great Awakening after twenty years of truth‐seeking. It is also the day of celebrating the founding of Won-Buddhism and the common birthday of all Won-Buddhists, and hence is the day of origin for the Order. For three days before the holiday, the temples shall be cleaned, the venues for the ceremony solemnly prepared, and one’s body and mind purified. The ceremony shall be performed in the order prescribed in the Rules of Rites and Rituals. The celebratory address shall be read to all the members and the congratulatory greetings from the Head Dharma Master shall be read by a minister in the regional temples and institutions.
2. On the Day of Great Enlightenment and Founding, Won-Buddhists shall offer silent prayer each in their own hearts and the dharma words on Il‐Won‐Sang and the Transmission Verse shall be recited from the Scriptures of Won-Buddhism.
3. There shall be a month of celebration before and after the Day of Great Enlightenment and Founding. All festive events of the Order shall take place during this period as much as possible, to make the celebrations diverse.