Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 2. Formalities concerning Family Affairs

Chapter 4. Marriage

Section 4. Taking Care of the Wedding Ceremony

1. The necessary articles for marriage should be simple. Unnecessarily luxurious and showy food or equipment should be avoided. It is good to serve the guests simple food at the wedding banquet. The banquet should not be given beyond the means of the families as it is better to conserve funds instead, in order to prepare for the couple's living expenses.
2. After the ceremony, it is customary to go to both the house of the bride's family and that of the groom's family on that day. When the couple visit parents of each side, gifts should be extremely simple, and if the couple has financial difficulties, these gifts should be totally omitted. Accompanied guests should not be more than two or three persons for either side.
3. Immediately after the wedding, the couple needs to complete all the necessary legal procedures.
4. The couple may make a monetary offering to the Buddha, which has been saved out of each side's wedding expenses. The money offered should be used for Buddhist activities or other public works as a permanent memento of the wedding couple.