Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 8. Serving Food and Giving and Receiving Gifts

Section 2. Appropriate Manners in Giving and Receiving

1. When one give or receives any object, both the givers and the receivers should be courteous.
2. If the object to be given can be wrapped, it should be wrapped neatly and presented on a gift stand. If it cannot be wrapped or placed on a gift stand, present it as it is.
3. If the gift has a handle, or if it is a book with an inscription, it should be presented so that it is given in its most convenient position to be grasped or read by the recipient.
4. When giving someone a written letter of appointment, a certificate, or diploma, one should present it with the inscription facing the recipient, and the recipient should step forward politely, receive it, and bow.
5. When one give to, or receive something from an elder, even though it is an ordinary occasion, one should offer or receive it with two hands.
6. When men and women give and receive, special care should be taken.
7. When giving something, even to a naive child, do not toss it to the person.
8. When one gives something to another, one should give it with a peaceful face and sincere attitude.
9. When one receives something from another, even if it is not pleasing, one should accept it with an expression of gratitude. If the object received is inappropriate or wrongfully offered, it may be declined, but do so in a polite manner. Do not look dissatisfied because the gift is good or bad, much or little.