Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Appendix: Ceremonial Texts

Part Three: Ceremonial Texts for the Rites and Rituals of the Order

63. Prayer Text of the Day of Dharma Authentication

Today, the twenty-first day of August, is the holy anniversary day of dharma authentication of our Order. We, Won-Buddhists, with a pure mind and body, confess to the Dharmakaya Buddha, the Fourfold Grace wholeheartedly.
In general, people are grounded on conscience, and material things are extraneous; the world is grounded on morality, and wiles and tactics are extraneous. However, as the roots and branches of the current situation have still not achieved the proper Way, and the human minds have not returned to the original nature, the world is in a great confusion
O Dharmakaya Buddha, Fourfold Grace!
It is our hope that the great Way of Il-Won will quickly attain authority, and that the practice of right dharma will be revealed widely to the world. We also hope that the roots and branches of the current situation (find the proper Way, and people enjoy blessings and wisdom equally long.
First, we vow to further venerate the right dharma of the Founding Master, and model ourselves after the spirit of the succeeding Prime Dharma Masters. We will not depart from this practice throughout eternal kalpas and numerous lifetimes.
Second, we vow to inherit totally the spirit of great faith and sincerity, great unity, and great public service of the initial nine disciples of dharma authentication as well as the other predecessors. We further vow to develop this Order limitlessly and pass on this spirit to the future myriad generations.
Third, we, the laity and the ordained, with one mind and one goal, vow to share in progression and regression, glory and dishonor, suffering and happiness. We will not let go of the spirit of delivering all sentient beings to the very end, by giving advice to colleagues with faults, and we will regulate persons by the public law that disrupt the public Way greatly.
Dharmakaya Buddha, Fourfold Grace. Bestow Your grace and awesome power upon us. May no one give up or change the mind or way of practice. May all colleagues who will participate in our Order in the future, exert their efforts and reap the same fruits perfectly from practicing this vow.
This prayer we offer up wholeheartedly.