Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Appendix: Ceremonial Texts

Part Three: Ceremonial Texts for the Rites and Rituals of the Order

47. The Vow Text at the Entry into the Priesthood Ceremony

As I deeply feel the fundamental obligation for requital of the momentous Fourfold Grace, I make the following vows in order to dedicate myself wholly to the practice and work of the Order:

1. By revealing my mind in the Order and consecrating my body only to the public, I determined not to leave this Wheel of the Dharma throughout eternity.
2. I will obey any order that is given from the Order, even through fire or water.
3. By disregarding the reputation, privilege, and interest of an individual, I will devote myself solely to the Order.
4. I will observe each and every regulation related to an ordained devotee.

I make the vow as it is above, Dharmakaya Buddha, Fourfold Grace! Please understand my vow. May all buddhas and sages bear testimony to this vow and grant me power and instructions, and if there is any action that is against this vow, please impose punishment on me.
Therefore, I make a vow that I will solely offer up repentance and practice, without having any regrets.

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