Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 16. The Public and Public Facilities and Services

Section 3. Appropriate Manners in Public Facilities and Services

1. One need to realize that everything in the universe is the property of the public whether it belongs to one or not, and consequently one should act with care in the treatment of such property.
2. Always consider the possessions of others or of the public just as you would cherish one's own.
3. One who takes charge of public facilities should realize one's responsibility even more, and manage those facilities carefully and well.
4. One should be aware that the general public is the true owner of public facilities, so everyone should protect them responsibly and endeavor to beautify them.
5. One must use facilities in public places or parks with heedfulness, and not ruin even one plant or one tree, nor heedlessly litter public places with dirty trash. One should leave public facilities such as lavatories clean.
6. One must lovingly protect trees along the roadsides or in our neighborhoods and protect reservoirs, levees, and water wells, whether they are publicly or privately owned.
7. When one resides in an official residence or a company house, or any time one uses public properties such as official buildings, government offices, cars, ships, or planes, one must be careful not to damage or make them dirty. One who damages those facilities by mistake must pay for that damage on one's own initiative.
8. One must be especially frugal of public funds and do not misuse them.
9. Do not live idly in a public life or organizational residence.
10. It is always necessary to cultivate cooperation between private citizens and public official to protect and support all official institutions and cultural assets productively.