Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Appendix: Ceremonial Texts

Part Two: Ceremonial Texts for the Formalities concerning Family Affairs

12. Prayer Text at the Naming Ceremony

On in the Won Era, we, and as Buddhist disciples, name our born on and aspire for future wisdom and blessing humbly before the Dharmakaya Buddha, the Fourfold Grace.
May You always protect this baby with Your holy grace and awesome power, so that may develop with sound body and mind. As this baby grows up, may have a chance to meet a righteous master and learn the true dharma, so to diligently show gratitude in service to the public.
Under the grace and awesome power of the Dharmakaya Buddha, Fourfold Grace, and with our utmost love and sincerity, may we also bring up and educate our baby, , and show how to be a just and fair person.
Dharmakaya Buddha, Fourfold Grace, may You consider our prayer.