Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Appendix: Ceremonial Texts

Part Two: Ceremonial Texts for the Formalities concerning Family Affairs

16. Valedictory at the Ceremony for Entering into Adulthood

Today, as we have my Entering into Adulthood Ceremony performed, I am deeply thankful for the courteous sermon and kind congratulations bestowed upon me. Taking to heart the encouraging instruction delivered by my teacher and the congratulatory intentions shown by all the guests present, I hereby pledge my oath that I will never forsake the great indebtedness to the Fourfold Grace who has given me life, nurtured, taught, and protected me; and that I will never slacken my efforts to do my utmost in carrying out my duties and responsibilities to human society; and that, for the world, I will further dedicate my devotion and energy to requite what little I can of the great benevolence for the entire world. I sincerely request that my parents, teachers, elders, and the present guests bear testimony to this event and grant me encouragement so as to provide me with the strength to carry my oath to completion.