Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Appendix: Ceremonial Texts

Part Three: Ceremonial Texts for the Rites and Rituals of the Order

68. Invocation Text Addressed to the Cardinal Masters

On in the Won Era, all adherents, with purified mind and body, confess humbly before all the sacred spirits of the Cardinal Masters. As a rule, in Heaven and Earth, the myriad things receive the eternal grace of birth and maturation because the four seasons keep cycling and the sun and the moon shine in alternation; in the world, sentient beings have received the eternal nurturing of the spirit because the sages have appeared successively over the ages and their edification did not cease. Alas! Establishing a new Order in the new world at this crisis point of Degenerate-Dharma caused by the demise of morality, the Founding Master shed new light to all living creatures who were enveloped in darkness with a broad Way of delivering sentient beings and curing the world. Successively, all the past Cardinal Masters transmitted the Order's lineage rightly and illuminated the doctrines widely, kindling more the sun of the Buddha and turning the dharma-wheel throughout the eternal world. How holy they are! The merit of works left by the Buddha and sages of the past are revealed again by the Founding Master and the light of His Way and dharmas are handed down by all the past Cardinal Masters. It is the constant principle that a previous sage and a post sage connect their minds and the dharma to each other, continuing to deliver this world endlessly like the four seasons to keep cycling and the sun and the moon to shine in alternation. How holy are the vow and practices that all the Cardinal Masters in charge of this important and great mission had made over an eternity of kalpas? How much are their energy and troubles that they had devoted when they preside over edification to deliver sentient beings? The devotion that they neglected their bodies for the dharma will be endless like blue sky, and the merit that they inherited from the past sages and taught to coming students is boundless like rivers and seas. We cannot describe all the merit with calculation. Fortunately, we participated in this sacred Order to bask in the immeasurable grace of dharma. Making an oath not to leave this dharma-wheel throughout the eternal future we offer a dedication for repaying the fundamental beneficence with burning of incense. Oh all sacred spirits of the past Cardinal Masters! Watch over us.