Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Appendix: Ceremonial Texts

Part Three: Ceremonial Texts for the Rites and Rituals of the Order

69. Invocation Text Addressed to Great Servants of the Way and Great Protectors of the Dharma

On in the Won Era, all adherents, with purified mind and body, confess humbly before all the honorable spirits of Great Servant of the Way and Great Protector of the Dharma. As a rule, humans cannot maintain a perfect life without wholeness of both spirit and flesh, while the Order cannot achieve the perfect edification without progress in universal principles and human affairs in tandem. Therefore, regardless of the times, whenever the sacred Order to deliver all sentient beings and cure the world opened, there was necessarily a master of the dharma who presided over the edification, at the same time there was a master of the work who enhanced the edification widely and protected the dharma. So it is a common practice of the past and present to reveal the dignity of the Order to the world with such strength of both aspects of universal principles and human affairs. Thus, in our Order all the spirits of Great Servant of the Way and Great Protector of the Dharma carried out the great task. Especially since the origin of our Order did not start from a powerful family, the poverty and difficulties at the founding of the Order were beyond description. How much was the suffering of those who devoted their body and mind totally to the foundation at the time when they lacked confidence from the general society. Since the development of our Order was not simple like the age of the past, how great were the abilities of those who promoted edification and work broad and wide in spite of the complicated organizations of the Order. All these spirits appeared in our Order with the great vow over past kalpas and accomplished such Dharma Merits. Since the merits of all of you are great like mountains and boundless like rivers and seas, we believe that all of you will become masters of wisdom and blessings eternally according to our Order's fortune in the Way. Fortunately, we participated in this sacred Order to bask in the grace you bestowed. Making an oath to inherit this work eternally, we offer a dedication of gratitude. Oh, all the honored spirits of Great Servant of the Way and Great Protector of the Dharma! Watch over us!