Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 10. Invitations

Section 2. Appropriate Manners in Invitations

1. When one gives an invitation to a guest, one must inform that guest clearly in advance of the reason, place, and time. The host needs to make preparations for the occasion and present oneself with sincerity.
2. When inviting many guests, arrange the seating order mainly for the guest of honor; the others should be seated according to age and status level. When men and women seated together, care must be taken not to behave improperly.
3. The seating needs to be arranged appropriately with the guest of honor as the central figure. The host should sit opposite the guest of honor.
4. The guest’s belongings and necessary items are to be arranged in a convenient order.
5. When a guest is invited, everyone including the host and those who serve the guest must wear clean and proper clothes, and help the guest feel comfortable with quick and respectful service.
6. When the guest arrives and leaves, the host or guide must receive and send off the guest outside the door.