Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 2. Formalities concerning Family Affairs

Chapter 2. Birth

Section 2. Pregnancy and Birth

1. A couple who would like to become pregnant should not depend on the private superstitions of the past. Changing their attitudes, the couple must be careful of sanitation and personal cleanliness. They need to have medical examinations to determine the existence of any physiological obstacles and should seek a proper remedy if necessary.
2. After pregnancy, parents must observe The Way of Prenatal Education(The Canon of Secular Life) modify their activity, and purify their mind. They should be especially careful of their conduct.
3. When the pregnant woman reaches the time of childbirth, she must ask the family to prepare the necessary items. They should be provided for in advance, and she must not behave rashly but keep her mind peaceful for an easy delivery.
4. The family must invite a midwife in advance or a person with experience in childbirth to care for the mother and child during birth. The family should have a hospital in mind, in advance, and move quickly when a birth is imminent.
5. The delivery room must be clean and the surroundings must be quiet so that the pregnant mother and family can pray silently for the protection of Dharmakaya Buddha with one mind.
6. After giving birth, the mother and newborn baby must have clean bedding and clothing and the delivery room must continue to be kept clean and neat.
7. Near the delivery room, any unmannerly or harsh language must be avoided, and any destruction of life must be forbidden.