Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 2. Formalities concerning Family Affairs

Chapter 7. The Deliverance Service

Section 2. The First Deliverance Service through the Sixth Deliverance Service

1. The First Deliverance Service shall be performed at the temple or the place where the departed tablet is enshrined seven days after the passing of the deceased. The service shall be repeated every seven days in the following order:
1) Opening
2) Entering Samadhi
3) Donation and prostration of the host of deliverance
4) Mental affirmation and bow together
5) Recitation of the Sacred Mantra, 3 times
6) Dharma instruction for sending on the spirit (Ceremonial Texts 4, 5)
7) Recitation of scriptures (the Vow and the Heart Sutra) and supplication text (Ceremonial Text 29)
8) Divesting of mourning articles of those of half period and prostration (twenty-first day deliverance service)
9) Closing.
2. The Supplication to be read at each Deliverance Service shall be adapted from that of the processional ceremony. During the service of the first till sixth deliverance, on special occasions, the Song of Dharma Merit (Hymns 46) after entering Samadhi, seven times of reciting the Buddha's name after the Sacred Incantation, and a dharma discourse after supplication may be added.