Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 2. Formalities concerning Family Affairs

Chapter 7. The Deliverance Service

Section 5. Conducting Deliverance Services

1. As a general rule, the venue for the Deliverance Services shall be the temple. However, in the case of the First Deliverance Service through to the Sixth Deliverance Service, the ceremonies may be performed at the place where the departed spirit’s tablet is enshrined in residence of the bereaved family. The host shall make sure to keep the place of enshrinement immaculate and to keep his thoughts and actions pure until the Final Deliverance Service.
2. Whether at the temple or at the place of residence, the Deliverance Service shall be performed under the guidance of the officiator.
3. The bereaved host may serve modest refreshments to the guests but shall avoid extravagant catering beyond the host’s means.
4. To pray for the bliss of the departed spirit, the host may humbly present an offering saved from the funeral or the Deliverance Services, or other special monetary contributions as a dedicated offering to the Dharmakaya Buddha to be used for Buddhist projects and other public services.