Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 14. Introductions and the Exchange of Gifts

Section 3. Appropriate Manners in Exchange of Gifts

1. When one presents an object to a person as a gift, it is to expressone's sincere feelings; the gift should not be beyond one's means and must be proper.
2. one must choose an object as a gift which is appropriate to the occasion and custom, and needs to make an appropriate choice in terms of the type and amount of gift. One should be careful not to choose an item which has deteriorated, faded, or changed in quality.
3. The gift giver should wrap the item cleanly and neatly; and, according to the occasion, the giver should write an appropriate message of congratulations or condolence: To ___ with best wishes from ___, along with the giver's name on the surface of the gift‐wrap paper.
4. When one has a gift sent by messenger, one should be certain that the recipient's name and address are clearly understood to save confusion; and, when a package is to be delivered, the sender must be sure to wrap it carefully so that the gift will not arrive damaged.
5. When proffering a gift, one must maintain the forms of courtesy in presenting the gift, and when one conveys it indirectly to a family member or other person, one should let that person know the reason for the presentation.
6. When receiving a gift, put it down gently and express thanks for the kindness. In the situation where a present is received indirectly through an intermediary, one should give a business card or a handwritten note acknowledging receipt of the gift.
7. When it is inappropriate to receive a gift, do not accept it; for any gift that one accepts, one must think about how to return the favor.