Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 2. Formalities concerning Family Affairs

Chapter 7. The Deliverance Service

Section1. About the Deliverance Service

A deliverance service (chae) is an important rite of our Order, which is performed to send on the spirit in transition. The deceased’s spirit remains in a transitional state between passing and rebirth for approximately forty‐nine days (seven times seven) before it is reincarnated according to its karmic condition.
A forty‐nine day deliverance service shall be held at intervals of seven days from the First Deliverance Service to the Final Deliverance Service. Its purpose is to guide the deceased to maintain pure and clear one-pointedness while dissolving any remaining attachments; to help deepen the deceased’s affinities for rebirth in a salutary destiny through such activities as frequently reciting scriptures and offering supplications during this time; and, at the same time, to help increase the deceased’s merit in the next world by offering donations, etc. In addition, these actions allow the attendees to observe the proprieties of commemoration and mourning during their respective period. Therefore, those who participate in the Deliverance Services shall keep its two purposes in mind. Complete sincerity is required to ensure that there will be no flaw in even a single aspect of the service.