Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 6. Approaching and Stepping Back in Daily Living

Section 2. Appropriate Manners in Standing and Sitting

1. When one is lying down and someone comes, except during illness, one must sit up and face that person even if the visitor is of lesser status.
2. When one is sitting and someone comes, if the visitor is an elder, one must stand up in greeting and then sit down after the visitor sits. If the visitor is of similar rank or lower, one may make a nod of the head in welcome and offer that person a seat.
3. When one is sitting and someone passes in front of one, if the person passing by is an elder, one must rise as the elder approaches, and sit down again after the elder passes. If someone of equal rank comes by, one may nod one's head in greeting.
4. In the presence of an elder, one should not sit astride or perch on the edge of a chair if it is not proper; and if the elder offers a seat, one should sit neatly and preferably to the dlder's side, not directly in front on the elder.
5. When there are several people sitting together, unless there is a special reason, one should not lie down in front of them.
6. We should not lean to the side nor stretch or cross our legs high when sitting with an elder.
7. When one sits together with an elder, if the elder rises, one should rise with the elder and, depending on the situation, should accompany that elder or sit down again.
8. When an elder stands and asks a question, one should not answer from a seated position; and, even if that person is of lesser status, one should not answer from a reclining position.
9.One should not stretch one's legs or lie down in front of a person who is eating.
10. On the occasion of using a sleeping place together with an elder, one should not retire first unless there is a particular reason to do so.
11. If an elder has some necessary work to do and we have no urgent responsibility, one should offer assistance or do the work instead, when circumstances permit.
12. When men and women are seated together, one should be especially heedful of standing and sitting courtesy.