Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 11. Meals

Section 2. Appropriate Manners in Eating

1. When one starts eating, one should gather one's mind for a moment and give thanks for the blessings of Heaven and Earth and the efforts of fellow beings that enable one to sustain one's life. Joining the hands and praying silently, one should focus one;s mind to requite the grace for a moment. Then one may eat.
2. When eating, one should sit up straight and not eat too quickly or slowly, maintaining a quiet and neat demeanor.
3. When eating with someone else, do not begin eating before the other person starts, and when eating buffet style with others, do not take all of the most delicious food for yourself.
4. When food is served with alcohol, even if one does not follow the precepts, one should not drink excessively.
5. When one is eating foreign cuisine, it is important to know the correct procedures.
6. When one is dealing with and providing food and drink, one should carefully keep in mind the necessity to be clean and sanitary and not handle the serving pieces carelessly.