Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part3. Rites and Rituals of the Order

Chapter 9. Special Prayer

Section 2. Special Prayer Ceremony

1. A special prayer ceremony shall be conducted mainly in the evenings or early mornings, and during the ceremony, a supplicant shall give special attention to maintain the prayer site and keep the mind and body purified. During the period of a special prayer, a supplicant shall constantly preserve a prayerful state of mind and, as often as possible, focus on chanting of mantras and meditation.
2. The mantras to be recited during this period are the Sacred Mantra (Sŏngju) (Ceremonial Text 3) which is in the prayer conducted for the deceased, the Numinous Mantra (Yŏngju) (Ceremonial Text 10) which is to be included in the prayer conducted for the fulfillment of one’s wish, and the Purification Mantra (Chŏngjŏngju) (Ceremonial Text 11) to be incorporated in the prayer performed particularly for elimination of calamity and mishap, and resentment.
3. A special prayer ceremony shall be performed in the following order:
1) Opening
2) Entering Samadhi
3) Chanting mantras (three, seven times)
4) Prayer text
5) Mental affirmation
6) Recitation of scriptures (the Vow and the Heart Sutra)
7) Closing.
4. The prayer text of the special prayer ceremony shall be written and applied following the example of the general supplication text or the general statement of purpose, as befits the contents of the prayer. The contents shall be based on a justifiable aspiration, which is in line with truth and facts. The believers shall offer mental affirmation according to their wishes.