Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Appendix: Ceremonial Texts

Part Two: Ceremonial Texts for the Formalities concerning Family Affairs

35. Commemorative Address to a Parent at the Memorial Service of the Deceased’s Day of Passing

On in the Won Era, we, your children, and , humbly express a few commemorative words before your departed spirit.
As days have gone by and we greet the anniversary of your passing, our memory of you, , grows even deeper with time; although the more we experience the worldly affairs, the stronger we feel your immeasurable grace, we have no way of being granted your presence or of hearing your voice. When in our lifetime will we be able to unburden ourselves to you again?
Oh, ! Where are you, now, and what karma are you creating? Out of the vast realms of the trichiliocosm, the realm of Buddha is the highest; out of the nine types of birth for sentient beings, a human body is the most precious; and out of the paths of the secular world, full of defilements of five types of desires, the path of cultivating the Way is the brightest. Oh, ! Have you found the path of cultivating the Way at present?
Respected spirit of , hear our small act of sincerity and bathe in the Buddha’s grace, so that if you are yet to enter the realm of Buddha, enter that realm directly through these ties; if you are yet to enter the human realm, enter that realm directly through these ties; and if you are yet to find the path of cultivating the Way, find that path directly through these ties to do away with the karmic obstructions of the past, present, and future. By restoring the pure self‐nature, achieve buddhahood without fail; and by exercising the dharma power of loving-kindness and compassion, become a sage who works for the salvation of all beings.
We, too, wholeheartedly vow to become practitioners of the Way under the gate of the buddhadharma and pray that the past ties with you, , will be rekindled, and we will be happy together in the eternal world under the guidance of the Dharmakaya Buddha, the Fourfold Grace.
Oh, spirit watch over us.