Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part3. Rites and Rituals of the Order

Chapter 10. Celebration

Section 5. Day of Dharma Authentication

1. The Day of Dharma Authentication, the twenty‐first of August, is the celebration day for commemorating the nine initial disciples’ demonstration of the founding spirit of the Order, who received the dharma authentication of the seal of blood from bare fingers. The ceremony shall be performed in the following order:
1) Opening
2) Entering Samadhi
3) Song of the Order (Hymn 2)
4) Prayer text (Ceremonial Text 63)
5) Mental affirmation
6) Reciting the dharma words with reverence
7) Recitation of scripture (the Vow)
8) Dharma discourse
9) Song of Day of Dharma Authentication (Hymn 38)
10) Closing.
2. If a significant event for the Order takes place at the time of the celebration, that fact shall be included in the prayer text (Ceremonial Text 63) for this day. The participants shall offer mental affirmation each according to their wishes.
3. The contents of reciting the dharma words with reverence shall be taken from the text related to the dharma authentication in the Scriptures of Won-Buddhism or the History of Won-Buddhism.