Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 8. Serving Food and Giving and Receiving Gifts

Section 3. Appropriate Manners in Serving and Removing Food

1. When serving food to an elder or a guest, serve it on a dining table.
2. When placing or removing flowers, incense, or candles on a Buddhist altar, pagoda, or shrine, one should first bow, and then place or remove them politely. Bow again before moving back.
3. When serving tea or fruit to an elder or a guest, present it on a tray together with the eating utensils neatly in place.
4. After serving tea or fruit, wait until they are consumed. Before removing the dishes, observe the mood of the situation. Then remove the serving dishes.
5. When one serve tea or fruit and remove the dishes, one must take a careful step forward to the table and serve or remove the dishes without making noise. One should be heedful not to pass carelessly in front of an elder or the guests, or carry the tray directly over the heads of guests.