Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 9. Visiting and Receiving Guests

Section 3. Appropriate Manners in Receiving Guests

1. One must always be careful to keep the guest room and receiving room neat and clean, and keep the things within the house neat with the thought of suitability for the guest in mind.
2. When a guest comes, a guide should lead the guest to the guest room first, or the host may personally receive the guest. If the guest is not of lower position, the host should invite the guest to sit in the place of honor and observe the proprieties.
3. The guide should not discriminate in the treatment of guests because of their appearance or clothing, and should handle the guest's visiting (personal/business) card carefully when it is given.
4. When the guest waits in the guest room, the host must go directly to receive that person. When the host unavoidably cannot meet the guest or will be late, then the guide must courteously let the guest know this to get understanding from the guest.
5. If the guest comes in when the host is already seated, the host needs to rise to greet the guest. All guests are be received kindly, and an effort is to be made not to cause any unpleasant feelings.
6. When receiving a guests, the host must not scold, reprove, or show anger toward family members and the family members in the host's house should not thoughtlessly enter the guest room or speak loudly near the guest room.
7. When a host has a geust and must receive a second guest in the same room, the host must greet the now guest first, and then introduce the guests to each other.
8. When a guest is leaving, the host must politely accompany the guest outside the door. When one's elder guest is not leaving and is still within, the host must explain the situation to the leaving guest and gave an assistant accompany the leaving guest instead of the host for convenience.
9. When a guest is leaves, one should not close the door loudly, or speak loudly within gearing distance of that guest.
10. When receiving a guest, the one who has the responsibility to guide the guest or assist the host must be careful about behavior and activity and must maintain good courtesy in assisting the host.