Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 10. Invitations

Section 3. Appropriate Manners in Receiving Invitations

1. On receiving an invitation, one must reply immediately stating whether one will attend. If one cannot attend, one should send thanks for the kindness and the reason for refusing.
2. After accepting an invitation, if one finds that one cannot attend the event, one must quickly send the information with regrets.
3. A guest needs to wear appropriate clothes to the event.
4. One should make an effort to arrive approximately five minutes before the appointed time.
5. On arriving, greet the previously arrived guests. In the midst of a banquet, one must be careful of one's behavior and subjects of conversation in order not to give any negative impressions to the participants.
6. If possible, a guest needs to decline the seat of honor; however the guest should accept the seat if it is assigned by the host.
7. In the midst of a dining together, a guest must be careful not to break courtesy or show an unpleasant face or a bored attitude.
8. When dining together is almost over, a guest needs to leave at an appropriate time. When one is not the guest of honor, one should leave after the guest of honor does. If one must leave in the middle of the banquet, be sure to go quietly.
9. After receiving an invitation and after the event, a guest must write a note or make a phone call expressing, in a simple way, thanks. On meeting the host again later, a guest should express thanks.