Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 16. The Public and Public Facilities and Services

Section 1. About the Public and Public Facilities and Services

When one speak of the public, one means all the people in society. When speaking of public facilities and services, one means things and services which are used by the public in common. Being a member of the public, and using public facilities and services are basic to social life; cherishing and protecting them are essential for social life to develop and improve. Thus, if one seeks the basis of good and bad, regardless of individual or social, one can see that it originates from two branches: the public and the private. The mass of people, who place higher value on the public than on the private, will walk in the path of mutual advancement of public and private welfare. Those people who cherish only the private will walk in the path of mutual degeneration. Therefore, one must be cautious and heedful of each other not to fall behind by concentrating only on private benefit and private gain, but to walk in the path of advancement by cherishing the public and public facilities and services.