Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part3. Rites and Rituals of the Order

Chapter 12. Great Memorial Service

Section 3. Enshrinement of the Memorial Tablets in the Hall of Eternal Commemoration

1. When a person worthy of merit to be honored in the Hall of Eternal Commemoration passes away and that person’s tablet is enshrined in the Hall, an enshrinement ceremony shall be performed individually or collectively at the Hall after the deceased’s final deliverance service or at the next Great Memorial Service. The ceremony shall be performed in the following order:
1) Opening
2) Entering Samadhi
3) Song of the Order (Hymns 2)
4) Mental affirmation
5) Reporting of the person's accomplishments in life of the person whose tablet is enshrined
6) Statement of reverential announcement at the entry into the shrine (Ceremonial Text 64)
7) Statement of purpose for entry into the shrine (Ceremonial Texts 65)
8) Hymns (relevant song of praise)
9) Closing.
2. When the ceremony is performed collectively for individuals, the reverential announcement text and the statement of purpose shall be modified to suit the occasion.