Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Appendix: Ceremonial Texts

Part Two: Ceremonial Texts for the Formalities concerning Family Affairs

28. Address to a Deceased Teacher at the Processional Ceremony

On in the Won Era, we, your students, , express a few mourning words before your spirit.
Oh, dear Teacher! Have you indeed left for your journey to nirvana? As if great mountains have fallen to pieces, our minds are stunned and we are at a loss for words to describe the sadness we feel.
When you taught and guided benighted people like ourselves, you forgot all hardship and poured out all your love on us. With myriads of expedients and innumerable dharma instructions, you guided us who were struggling in the darkness on our path ahead. Without you, dear teacher, how could we sentient beings, who are ephemeral like dayflies, have found eternal life? Without you, teacher, how could we foolish persons who could not distinguish between primary and secondary have understood the roots of transgressions and blessings? Without you, teacher, in this world of numerous temptations, how could we have been awakened to the right Way of humanity? Without you, teacher, in the midst of endless confusion, how could we have dared hope to achieve buddhahood?
When we think of your benefaction, it is as limitless as the heavens above; when we think of your affection, it is deeper than the rivers and seas.
However, because of our being incapable, we have failed to fulfill your teaching and have thereby been unable to always provide you with contentment and comfort. Now, as we face the grief of our final farewell, everything that remains is full of sorrow and regret.
Dear Teacher! When will we again be able to requite the tremendous amount of grace that you nurtured in our lives; when will we repent our past immaturity and live a life for the way again?
Dear Teacher! We earnestly pray that you generously forgive our past wrongs; set aside your excessive concerns for the Order, and allow your tired spirit to take a rest in Samadhi for a while. Please come again in this Saha world, to enlighten the Way and Dharma more, and to deliver all sentient beings who are drowning in the turbulent sea of suffering.
Although we are not wise, we make an oath again to devote ourselves to this practice and work by following your teachings to enhance your merits and requite even a small portion of your broad grace.
Oh, Teacher! Watch over us!