Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 1. General Propriety

Chapter 14. Introductions and the Exchange of Gifts

Section 2. Appropriate Manners in Introduction

1. When one introduce people to one another, one must realize that one is assuming the responsibility to know the background and personalities of the people involved.
2. When one introduce someone to another in writing, one must write politely and clearly about the background, personality, other relevant information and the relationship with the person being introduced.
3. When one is going to meet someone to whom one will be introduced, one must maintain a visitor’s courtesy, and the person who receives the introduction should also, if possible, meet that person quickly and receive that person kindly.
4. When one is going to introduce someone to a woman or an elder, one should ask for permission to do so in advance, and then send that person to the elder or woman.
5. When one happens to sit together with people in a receiving room or at a banquet, and have the chance directly to introduce people temporarily, one needs to introduce everyone one by one, introducing the younger to the elder and the lesser to the higher persons.
6. On the occasion when one is introducing one person to a group of many people, one should first introduce that person simply, with a short background description, then one should introduce each member of the groupindividually by first greeting the person of highest status, and then follow the seating order in making greetings one by one.
7. For life‐influencing, decision‐making occasions, such as the introduction of a partner in a potential marriage, or forging of relationship, one should be extremely careful to be truthful and trustworthy in making the introduction.