Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part3. Rites and Rituals of the Order

Chapter1. Introduction

The Rites and Rituals of the Order refers to the various ceremonies related to the Order as they are to be carried out in temples. Once the Order is established in a place, a temple is built as a place of study for its doctrines and edification. The temple in turn uniformly implements the rites and rituals established by the Order. This is because a new faith, origin, and system have been founded. As for the rites and rituals established and implemented in the past, they may require improvement or innovation with the long passage of time. They should inevitably be adapted to better suit the reality of daily living, reflecting the times and the people’s sentiment.
Therefore, our Order, based on the spirit of a newly founded faith, has cases of new rites, revised rites, and conventional rites. This is so that we may look to both the past and the present, find the Middle Path, and adapt the Middle Path as a new way of conducting the rituals and rites of the Order.