Guide to Conduct and...


Guide to Conduct and Ceremony

Part 2. Formalities concerning Family Affairs

Chapter 2. Birth

Section 3. The Naming Ceremony

1. Within thirty days of the baby’s birth, its name should be given. At home or in a temple, a name-giving ceremony should be performde. It should be performed by following order.
1) Opening
2) Entering Samadhi
3) Offering up the name card and prostration to the Buddha
4) Reciting the scripture(The Il-Won-Sang Vow: Ceremonial Text 1)
5) Prayer text (Ceremonial Text 12) and prostration to the Buddha together
6) Song of the Naming Ceremony (Hymns 40)
7) Closing
2. In the ceremony, 'offering up the name card and prostration' means that the parents of the newborn child present the name card to the Buddha and make four bows.
3. After the ceremony, a tag with the new born baby’s information (Ceremonial Text 75) needs to be attached at the delivery room; seven weeks after the birth, it is removed.

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