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The Essential Scriptures of the Buddha and Patriarchs

Secrets on Cultivating the Mind

Section 39

Although the appearances of mundane, conditioned matters can be seen and their effects experienced, if a person succeeds in one matter, everyone praises the rarity of it. The source of this mind of ours has neither shape that can be observed nor form that can be seen; the pathways of words and speech are eradicated there and the activities of mind are ended. For this reason, māras and non-Buddhists have no way by which they can revile us, and even the praises of Indra, Brahmā, and all the divinities will not apply. So how is it possible that [this kind of understanding] can in any way resemble the shallow comprehension of ordinary persons?
How pitiful! How can a frog in a well know the vastness of the sea? How can a wild fox roar like a lion? Therefore we know that in this degenerate dharma-age, a person who is able to hear this approach to dharma, comprehend its rarity, and receive and keep it with faithful devotion has for innumerable kalpas served all the sages, planted all the wholesome roots (kuśalamūla), and fully formed the right cause of prajñā―he is of superior proficiency. As the Diamond Sūtra says, “If there is a person who is able to generate faith in these words, . . . you should know that such a person has already planted all the roots of goodness in the presence of incalculable numbers of buddhas .” It also says, “[The Tathāgata] preaches it for those who aspire to the Mahāyāna; he preaches it for those who aspire to the Supreme Vehicle .”