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The Essential Scriptures of the Buddha and Patriarchs

Sūtra on the Differences in the Karmic Recompenses of Action

Section 2

The Buddha addressed Śuka: “There are ten actions that can cause sentient beings to receive the karmic recompense of a shorter lifespan: 1. They engage personally in the killing of living creatures. 2. They encourage others to kill. 3. They praise the act of killing. 4. They delight in seeing others killed. 5. They wish to exterminate those who are their enemies or those whom they hate. 6. They take pleasure in seeing their enemies exterminated. 7. They abort another’s fetus. 8. They teach others how to maim and destroy. 9. They build temples to perform human sacrifices. 10. They fight with others and teach people to harm one another. These ten actions can cause them to receive the karmic recompense of a shorter lifespan.