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The Essential Scriptures of the Buddha and Patriarchs

Sūtra on the Differences in the Karmic Recompenses of Action

Section 3

“Furthermore, there are ten actions that can cause sentient beings to receive the karmic recompense of a longer lifespan. 1. They do not engage personally in the killing of living creatures. 2. They encourage others not to kill. 3. They praise non-killing. 4. They rejoice in seeing others not kill. 5. Seeing someone about to be killed, they figure out a means (upāya) to help him to avoid that fate. 6. Seeing someone fearful of death, they help him to calm his mind. 7. Seeing someone in fear, they bestow on him fearlessness. 8. Seeing someone experiencing various types of calamities and suffering, they generate thoughts of loving-kindness and sympathy. 9. Seeing someone in immediate danger, they generate thoughts of great compassion. 10. They generously make offerings of various kinds of food and drink to sentient beings. These ten actions can cause them to receive the karmic recompense of a longer lifespan.