The Essential Scripture...


The Essential Scriptures of the Buddha and Patriarchs

Secrets on Cultivating the Mind

Section 8

Chinul: You should not utter absurdities lightly; to be unable to differentiate the perverse from the noble is to be a deluded and confused person. Nowadays, you people who are training on the path chat about truth with your mouths, but your minds cower from it in discouragement and end up falling into the error of [underestimating yourselves by presuming that] you do not share [in the buddha-nature]. This is why you have doubts. You train on the Way but do not know the proper sequence [of practice]. You talk about truth but do not distinguish the root from the branches. This is called perverse view; it is not called cultivation. You are not only deceiving yourselves; you are deceiving others, too. How can you not be on your guard against this?