The Essential Scripture...


The Essential Scriptures of the Buddha and Patriarchs

Sūtra in Forty-Two Sections

Section 16

The Buddha said, “People who harbor passion and desire do not see the way. It is like tossing the five pigments into turbid water and mixing them vigorously: many people may come near to that water but none will be able to see their reflections; in the same way, those who are enmeshed in passion and desire have turbidity in their minds and therefore cannot see the way. If you place a pot on a raging fire and the water it holds is boiling furiously, or if the pot is covered with cloth, then people who come near it will also not be able to see their reflections. In one’s own mind, the three poisons are boiling internally and the five hindrances are covering it externally so that in the end one is unable to see the way. If a person approaches a spiritual mentor and removes the grime of his evil mind, then he will know whence his spirit comes and where it will go amid birth and death. The way and the power of all the buddha-lands are exactly this.”