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The Essential Scriptures of the Buddha and Patriarchs

Sūtra on the Differences in the Karmic Recompenses of Action

Section 32

At that time, after the World Honored One has finished preaching this discourse, the lay patron Śuka, while still at the Tathāgata’s residence, achieved a mind of pure faith. Śuka then prostrated in homage before the Buddha and said, “I now request that the Buddha return to the city of Śrāvastī and come to the home of my father, the patron Dautiya; for I want my father, and all sentient beings, to be able to pass the entire evening peacefully [by hearing a reiteration of this sūtra].” At that time, World Honored One, in order to bring benefit to them, assented silently to his request.
At that time, Śuka heard what the Buddha had preached; greatly rejoicing, he prostrated in homage before the Buddha and withdrew.