The Essential Scripture...


The Essential Scriptures of the Buddha and Patriarchs

Secrets on Cultivating the Mind

Section 18

Now, there are many points at which to access the principle. I will point out one approach that will allow you to return to the source.
Chinul: Do you hear the sounds of that crow cawing and that magpie calling?
Student: Yes.
Chinul: Trace them back and listen to your hearing-nature. Are there many sounds there?
Student: At that place, all sounds and discriminations are unascertainable.
Chinul: Marvelous! Marvelous! This is Avalokiteśvara’s gateway for accessing the principle. Let me ask you again. You said, “At that place, all sounds and discriminations are unascertainable.” But since they are unascertainable, at such a time isn’t the hearing-nature just void?
Student: Originally it is not void. It is ever-bright and never obscured.
Chinul: What is this essence that is not void?
Student: As it has no form or shape, it is ineffable.
Chinul: This is the life force of all the buddhas and patriarchs―have no further doubts.