The Essential Scripture...


The Essential Scriptures of the Buddha and Patriarchs

The Diamond Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra

Section 21

“Subhuti, do not say that the Tathāgata thinks, ‘I have a dharma that I will preach.’ Do not have such a thought. Why is this? If someone were to say, ‘The Tathāgata has a dharma that he preaches,’ he would be slandering the Buddha because of his inability to understand what I have taught. Subhuti, in preaching the dharma, there is no dharma that can be preached; this is called ‘preaching the dharma.’”
At that time, the wise elder (sthavira) Subhuti addressed the Buddha, saying, “World Honored One, might there be sentient beings in the future who will have faith when they hear you preach this dharma?” The Buddha replied, “Subhuti, they are not sentient beings nor are they not sentient beings. Why is this? Subhuti, the Tathāgata has explained that all these various types of sentient beings are not sentient beings; these are called sentient beings.”