The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Fifteen: Entrusting


The Founding Master asked the congregation in the meditation hall, “Throughout this whole wide world, from the past up through the present, who had the greatest talent and became the vessel that delivered sentient beings from the sea of suffering, and through what means was this accomplished? Also, what kind of talent do you seek to attain by coming here to practice?” After several disciples gave their answers, Song Tosŏng replied, “The people who attained the greatest talent and became the vessels for delivering all sentient beings are all the buddhas of the three time-periods. The practice that we are most anxious to attain is that practice which will allow us to attain the talent of the buddhas. Hence, our minds will be unshaken by perverse ways or trivial practices not only in this current lifetime, but even over several thousands of kalpas in the future. By gaining the buddhas’ knowledge and conduct, we will resolve old age, sickness, and death and will work hard to deliver sentient beings from the sea of suffering.” The Founding Master said, “However, among current practitioners, there are some people who admire extraneous studies even after discovering our dharma-gate, or who occasionally reject our own gate of the Way to seek extraneous knowledge. How is this not regrettable? Therefore, in order to reaffirm your own original vow, each of you must resubmit your vow so as to continue this practice through till the end.” Receiving his command, the congregation of the meditation hall rewrote their vows and continued on with their practice.