The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Ten: Belief and Dedication


While the Founding Master was giving a dharma discourse, Kim Chŏnggak sat in the front row, dozing. The Master scolded her, saying, “The sight of you dozing in front of me is as ugly as a water buffalo.” Hearing the Master, Chŏnggak immediately rose to her feet, did four prostrations, and smiled. The Founding Master said, “Through the years I have scolded Chŏnggak so often that she could easily have become estranged from me, but her faith never wavered. She is someone who would follow me whether she lives or dies.” Then, he added, “If there are things a disciple can’t say to the teacher or a teacher can’t say to the disciple, then theirs is not a perfect teacher-disciple relationship.”