The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Seven: The Principle of the Nature


The Founding Master addressed all his disciples at Pongnae hermitage, “A long time ago a scholar asked his teacher about the Way, and the teacher said, ‘Were I to teach you about it, it would be against the Way; were I not to teach you, it would be against the Way. So, what shall I do?’ Do you understand what he meant?” The congregation was silent and could not answer. At the time, it was the winter and white snow was piled in the yard. The Founding Master stood up and went outside, and started to clear the snow from the courtyard [toryang] himself. A disciple quickly went outside and, grabbing the snow shovel from him, asked the Master to go back inside. The Founding Master said, “What I did right now was not just to clear the snow, but to teach the arcane realm to all of you.”