The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Nine: Sending on Spirits in Transition


The Founding Master, after seeing an advertisement for a fire insurance company at an exhibition in Seoul, said that he had this impression: “We always talk about liberating ourselves from birth and death, suffering and happiness, but liberation will not be easy if we do not understand the principle of birth and death. If people do not believe in the principle of rebirth after death, then how much greater will their reluctance and sorrow be when they are facing their deaths? It would be like people who have not arranged a fire insurance policy and lose all of their property in a sudden fire. However, a person who understands this principle knows that the birth and death of a physical body is no different than changing an article of clothing. Even though our physical body that is subject to such changes might die one day, that unchanging, ever-bright, numinous consciousness lives forever and will again receive another body. Just as a fire insurance policy has the power to rebuild a structure destroyed by fire, that one point of numinous consciousness guarantees the eternal life of a human being. Therefore, those who understand this principle will be relaxed and calm about birth and death, but those who do not will be nervous and unsettled. Also, in all matters of suffering and happiness, those who understand the principle regarding them will prepare for infinite happiness by accepting suffering and happiness as is appropriate, but those who do not understand that principle will have no such hope and make no such preparations and thus will have no promise of escaping from this vast sea of suffering. How could a perceptive person witnessing this situation not worry about such people and feel pity for them?”

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