The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Four: The Way of Humanity


The Founding Master said, “We have a popular expression, ‘going around blowing his horn.’ for someone who goes around talking to people. Each and every person has a horn; and when they blow these horns, some melodies make the listener’s mind peaceful, some make it uneasy, some make it sad, some make it happy, some induce harmony, and some incite strife; and so the road of transgression or merit will split, depending on the melody. Therefore, when you are involved in any sensory conditions and have to blow your own horn, encourage the thousands of people to live in harmony and help both your own undertakings and public matters flourish by always playing a nice melody, never causing others to fight or ruin themselves. Then, your horn will become a fine instrument that creates infinite merit. But if not, your horn will become the main source for inviting infinite transgressions.”