The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Thirteen: On the Order


At a regular dharma meeting, the Founding Master addressed the congregation, “Today, I will distinguish for you what makes someone either a creator or a destroyer of this order. Listen carefully! A creator of this order is one who makes efforts personally in the three aspects of spirit, physical body, and material wealth and makes contributions on behalf of the Order. At the same time, he misses no regular dharma meetings, is zealous in fixed-term training, and, assiduously studying the scriptures at home, thoroughly understands our doctrines and institutions. He then utilizes well this dharma in his everyday life, so that in every aspect he becomes an exemplar for others. Hence, without even being aware of it, he contributes to the development of this order. A destroyer is a person who, through the three aspects of spirit, physical body, and material wealth, exerts harmful influences directly on this order. At the same time, he shows no eagerness about attending regular dharma meetings and has no interest in fixed-term training. Hence, he is unable to correct any of his old habits and recklessly breaks the precepts. By behaving as he pleases in whatever situation he faces, he does nothing that benefits either himself or others but only commits harmful deeds. Hence, he damages the reputation of this order and inhibits its development. You must understand this point well and must never become a destroyer of this order, but should continuously exert yourself to accumulate the merits of an eminent, perpetual creator.”