The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Three: Practice


The Founding Master said, “Occasionally, people who have just generated their first spiritual aspiration do not well understand their own spiritual capacity and ex-erts themselves to awaken at once to the great principle through temporary strenuous practice. But with that sort of mind, they will be readily susceptible to serious phys-ical ailments; or when things don’t turn out as they wish, a backsliding state of mind will arise and they will be-come estranged from a life of cultivating the Way. This is something to be cautious about. But there are by chance also some persons of the Way who reach the ground of buddhahood in a single jump; these are people of the most superior capacity who have practiced over many lifetimes and numerous kalpas. Those of middling and lesser faculties must instead work hard to accumulate merit over a long period of time. Therefore, the proper sequence is: first, after making a great vow, great belief arises; after great belief, great zeal; after great zeal, great questioning; after great questioning, great dedication; and only after great dedication will a great awakening occur. Nor are awakening and awareness completed all at once, but involve thousands upon thousands of insights.”