The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Two: Doctrine


Song Tosŏng asked the Founding Master, “In the past when I read the scriptures of ancient sages or listened to explanations about their meaning, I was merely reading them over and memorizing them; I did not actually comprehend the true meaning of the Way and its power. After I met you, Great Master, human affairs and universal principles gradually became clear. However, in retrospect, what I have learned from you is the same words and explanations I had read and heard in the past. How is it that I feel like I understand them anew?” The Founding Master answered, “The ancient scriptures are like ready-to-wear clothing, which is difficult to fit to ev-eryone’s body, but what is spoken by the mouth and received by the mind is like wearing individually tailored clothing, which fits each person’s body perfectly. How could the practice of cultivating the foundation of the mind according to dharmas that fit each individual’s ca-pacities and situations be compared to practicing according to those set scriptures?”