The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Three: Practice


A Tonghak (Eastern Learning) adherent paid a visit to the Founding Master and said, “Having heard of your reputation, I have come from far away, so please grant me many kindnesses in the future.” The Founding Master said, “If that is how you feel, there must be something that you seek in your mind. Tell me what it is.” The person replied, “What may I do to broaden my knowledge?” The Founding Master said, “Visiting and questioning me is a method of broadening your knowledge. For my part, too, receiving you and listening to your words is a method to broaden my knowledge. For example, if a person lacks some household tool, he buys it at the store. If a businessman lacks the knowledge he needs to run a business, he acquires that knowledge from the outside world. Therefore, in all matters I do not gain knowledge only by inquiring by myself, but I acquire knowledge for my use when meeting with various people. When I talk with you, I gain knowledge of Tonghak, and when I talk with adherents of other religions, I gain knowledge of those religions.”