The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Three: Practice


He continued, “Since time immemorial, schools of religion have characterized the discovery of the mind-field as ‘seeing the nature,’ and cultivating the mind-field as ‘nurturing the nature’ or ‘commanding the nature.’ This training in the mind-field was considered by all the buddhas and sages to be their intrinsic mission, and was also the foundation for leading the world to goodness. Thus, in our order, we have designated the three principles of Cultivation, Inquiry, and Choice to be the specialized subjects for cultivating the mind-field, and have taught all the methods of daily practice for their implementation. Cultivation is the subject that clears the field in preparation for farming the mind-field. Inquiry is the subject that teaches you various farming methods and enables you to distinguish between crops and weeds. Choice is the subject that enables you not to fail at farming and to have an abundant harvest by putting into practice what you have learned. In the present world, with the development of scientific civilization, people’s greed is surging day by day. Hence, if we do not engage in training that cultivates the mind-field, we will not be able to subjugate that greed; and if we do not subjugate that greed, it will be difficult for this world ever to find peace. Therefore, from now on, the minds of all people under heaven will naturally desire to cultivate the mind-field, and once cultivating the mind-field is desired, they will seek out true religions, which are the specialists in this, and among these, people whose practice has fully matured will receive immeasurable respect. Therefore, at this time you all must once again renew your determination and try to become exemplary farmers who will have great success in farming the mind-field.”